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  1. My 180sx / Made to Slide

    Here we have my 180sx, owned it for about 6 months now. Great car, scary to drive which makes it so fun. Anyway ill stop talking and start with the spec. Perfomance HKS 2835r Turbo (make up to 310kw) Apexi fc computer 18psi 3inch High flow cat/Sports Muffler Spaghetti Manifold Xedy cushion button Clutch 1000cc Injectors Braided Turbo lines Splitfire coilpacks Oil Catch can Handling Torque Dampner Coilover strut bars front and back 4.11 r33 diff R33 Front Brakes Its currently making 275kw atw, Still have plans to make it much faster and bulletproof. Let me know what you guys think and if you's have any tips or ideas. Will post pics of engine and stuff just need to take some more photo's.
  2. Hey guys first time on here, i have a 180sx i bought a few months back, today my back tyre went out, completely fried it. I was contemplating on changinf my rims anyway and wanted to get some tips and opinions on what would look real nice on my car. Dont go overboard with some pricey ones but id really appreciate some help with this. I currently have 20'inch ones on there from previous owner. Was never a fan of the rim. Thanks guys! P.s I dont have the best photos of the rims at this moment will upload more tomorrow.