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  1. s14 sr20det into s13 body wiring

    have done a little research all i can pick up was the 5 wires that you mention needed to be run in is for the vvt ? and the dash conectorc can i just use diagram for the pin outs for the s14 loom and match them to the s13 pin out or will i need to cut the conector and rejoin them ?
  2. so i was thinking about buying a s13 with a knocking sr20det non vvt, as i already have a s14 sr20det vvt motor complete with uncut loom and ecu and gearbox, was just wondering if the s14 motor loom will plug straight into the s13 body loom if not, what does it require to get the motor going with the car ?
  3. so i have a s14 200sx sr20det as a donor car for a s13, just wondering if the s14 rear and front subframes/control arms etc etc will bolt straight into the s13 body, as i have already have front suspension dropped out of the s13 for a engine bay respay and was wondering if i can swap everything over ?
  4. will a stock a31 fit or does it need to be aftermarket from whiteline ?
  5. having a problem with rb25det neo sump sitting on sway bar, the rb25det neo is a 4wd steaga motor but has been rwd converted shaft been taken out and welded up etc, when i brought the car it was already set up for an rb, was running an r32 rb25de series 0 +t and had shit itself and i managed to pick up a rb25det neo cheap, i have read that an a31 cefiro front sway will fix this problem ? has any one else done this conversion before nd how you resolved this problem ?