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  1. Hey mate, Just wondering if its still for sale and is it a CA18DET?
  2. Looking to buy a Nissan 180sx with a CA18DET engine in reasonable condition. Somewhere around Sydney but willing to drive depending on location in NSW
  3. But what if I swapped an SR20DE for a CA18DET would it be legal for legal? Also, I thought you could swap engines legally on your P's if the manufacture made the engine for that car? (not specifically 'a' car but in terms of swapping the engines around).
  4. But is it legal to do so and is how hard is the transition?
  5. Wanted to buy a nissan 180sx with a CA18DET engine, but having trouble finding one. Since driving the SR20DET is illegal on p plate's I was wondering if I could engine swap the SR20DE or DET for a CA18DET. As I got told that it would be legal as it did not need an engineer certificate (Needing one of these makes it illegal on P's) because that engine obviously came out with the car. Can someone tell me if swapping the engines is legal and if it could be in any other way? (Im also in NSW)
  6. 180sx SR20DET P Plate Legal NSW?

    n So there is no ADM 180's
  7. Just wondering if a 180sx with an SR20DET is legal for my P's in NSW. I looked up the power to weight restriction for NSW and shows up as 130KW to a tonne and the 180 does 124.8kw to a tonne, so I figured that it must be legal but when I checked the RTA website they say it's restricted and you can only drive the CA turbo or the non-turbo SR20. I got told you can go to the RTA to ask but haven't been bothered.