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  1. wrecker in melb area

    mate try jap heaven in epping
  2. gear box issues

    hi guys, i need your help regarding automatic gear box for my 2001 Nissan s 15.it doesn't go on reverse i have to Put it on (D) couple of times then it goes on reverse but it makes too much noise, on the (P) it makes weird noise on drive as well.but its fine in gear 1 and gear 2,I took it to mechanic he said to me you have to change the whole gear box or have to rebuilt it ,but i doubt it if its fine on gear 1 and 2 should be a minor problem ,he is just trying to make money.he told me clutch is gone,and said its gonna cost around 800 if i want a second hand gear box ,please help me ,is it the whole gear box or some minor problem ?