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  1. 3 inch catback out of 180sx

    Stainless steel 3 inch catback made by Havoc Fabrications about 3 months ago. It's still new, I only had in on the 180sx for about 2 months. Reason I'm selling is because it's too loud for a daily. Had to pass epa a couple of weeks ago and since then it's been sitting in the garage. Willing to swap it with with HKS silent hi power catback. $900 ono Location North Melbourne
  2. FS - OS Giken STR Series Clutch 5 speed sr20

    Price? Also the part number is NS044-BJ according to the website for the S13.
  3. Tein super street coilovers for s13/180sx $400

    Willing to ship to Melbourne?
  4. S13 Shed Cleanout

  5. VARIOUS 180sx/S13 Parts

    pmd mate!
  6. S13/180SX Parts Left over cars gone

    What brand is the short shifter? Also I don't know if they are all the same, I mean for 5speed transmission and 6speed. Cheers
  7. hey guys new member from melbourne

    Awesome, thanks
  8. sold

    Hey just want to ask, is the exhaust louder than the allowed limit? It's my daily and I want it to be as legal as possible. You said you didn't use the silencer, so if it's not legal without it, would it be legal with it? Cheers
  9. hey guys new member from melbourne

    Can you send me the links maybe? Thanks
  10. sr dump pipe

    That helps heaps! Thanks a lot.
  11. sr dump pipe

    Hey guys, I'm in the lookout for a dump pipe and a front pipe. I've been reading various threads and topics. My problem is that I'm not sure whether the dump pipes and front pipes are all the same for s13,s14,s15. I found a topic that said that all dump pipes are the same but front pipes are different in the s15. My question is if all dump pipes are the same how come the gaskets are not? I am asking because I found this gasket http://www.enjukuracing.com/products/oem-turbo-outlet-gasket-between-turbine-and-o2-housing-nissan.html and it says to select s13 or s14 model when ordering. Also I see in a lot of product details where the sellers write that, for example, this dump pipe is for s13 sr20det etc. Forgive my lack of knowlegde. Cheers
  12. hey guys new member from melbourne

    If I remember correctly the previous owner told me that he removed the lip I don't know why. Either way I like the looks of it with the rear lip. I can't find any genuine set now but I don't mind getting a copy.
  13. hey guys new member from melbourne

    Well for now I like the stock look. I am looking for a 3" turbo-back exhaust though. Also looking for the rear lip because it's missing. Apart from the exhaust I am keeping it as it is for the time being.