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  1. Battery light on

    Battery will last a while if you don't use any electrically heavy stuff like the demister, a/c, lights, wipers. Then eventually your battery will die and you will have to buy both a new battery AND and alternator. Just get it fixed.
  2. Input shafts bearings will make noise, not an issue. If cold shifts are hard, change gearbox oil to OEM specification, GL-4. If it's just a coincidence that it's 'when cold', it might be an issue with the clutch master or slave cylinders passing and you just build up enough pressure to shift after flogging your clutch pedal.
  3. Buying a 180sx need help

    Paint doesn't mean a thing. Has it had regular services? All oils engine gearbox diff? Water pump, cooling issues in past? Hoses not cracking? Rust in the boot under the spare, where the jack goes, under the sils, at jacking points? Does it leak water (rust under windscreens)? Does the loom look ok or been chopped up for a transplant and tune? Who cares about paint since people often polish a turd anyway. It's not overpriced if it's in good condition.
  4. How close were you

    The time I averaged around 160-170kph on back roads to Braidwood in middle of the night. Parked the car and heard a small hiss. The rear tyre was worn down to the wires and deflated as I parked. The time I bent a tie rod and drove the car home with one wheel at 45 degrees from straight. And many more
  5. Not sure where to look online or if there is a supplier in Sydney/NSW? Regarding fitment can I go 17x9 +22 and 17x9.5 +18? Or 10" wide on rear? I have rolled guards (not flared). Cheers
  6. Sr20 Head Studs help pls

    ARP studs have high torque specs; this so there is pre-stretching of the head studs so that they don't stretch further under pressure. I can't speak for quality of the factory studs. If you want a new head gasket, you go the whole hog and remove manifolds on both sides, valve stem seals, have the head checked (if you're keen). This is a lot extra.
  7. R200 Diff Shimming

    I read ALL the threads there are about shimming these diffs. Everyone will say "how long is a piece of string", "measure your gear lash" etc. etc. The consensus I came to after reading people's opinions was remove all shims, replace with a 1.2mm each side. Existing shim probably depends on backlash tested in factory. Assuming: 2mm total is a bit sloppy, 3mm total is locked, 2.4mm is daily-able.
  8. Tein super street coilovers for s13/180sx $400

    Hi Robbo, still available? What's your number?
  9. 1.5JZ 180SX - Overheating

    Doesn't matter that it's fully blocked by intercooler, the issue is that it needs ducting between the two. And yes radiator fans pull air through, no good for pushing.
  10. Tonnes of good answers. If you're having a hard time locating it why not go the backyard stethoscope - stick a hose in your ear and hold it against different parts of the engine.
  11. New seat recommendations for 180SX

    Not to mention OEM seats sit you in a better position for daily driving. A full blown bucket is only really good to use in a race car. From what I read a GTR seat has a higher position than an s15 seat when in an s13. I have s15 seats and they are a pretty good middle ground.
  12. Joined NS just to make a for sale post about a rubbish Audi?
  13. Fitting new turbo

    I believe it's something like a 1mm orifice? Check in the turbo oil feed with a light. If no restrictor, then when buying lines make sure they have a restrictor. The ebay kinugawa lines I bought did, but I cannot remember if it was built into the fittings or not.