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  1. turbo really worth it

    im looking to buy a 2871r turbo, i have heard of the gtx version and apparently it is better then the gt but have also heard its not that different, just wanna clear up the differences and if its worth the extra cash for it.
  2. Im looking at buying a 2781r turbo, apparently the gtx is better but have also heard they are not that much difference and the price gap is pretty decent, just wanna know if ill be wasting my money going a gtx when the gt will do.just the same, thoughts?
  3. Cams, vct, lag

    Thanks i think im leaning towards poncams now 👍
  4. Cams, vct, lag

    Ive been reading all the forums and shit to workout what cams to go for with the gtx2871 i know people will go this shit is has already been covered, but i cant find a legit answer I want the 250kw+ mark Gtx2871r 740cc injectors z33 maf O44 pump i dont have vct so will i be better off get stage 2s or poncams will be fine? i want response aswell as the 250kw mark what setups do people run? I have t28 atm and hitting 207kw
  5. S15 thermo fans

    Yeah it more for room in bay more them anything really, just needed to know the temps coz everyone tends to run different or have different opinions on things, but cheers guys appreciated 👌
  6. Looking at putting thermo fans in to replace the stock fan, anyone know ideal temp for the sr20 for when fans kick in and turn off? If anyone has a thermo fan setup help a bro out
  7. S13 sunroof

    Cheers guys, only heard of taarks til now, they cam get some
  8. S13 sunroof

    looked everywhere to find seals for s13s sunroof as they are lookin shithouse and i cant find any anywhere, if anyone can send me a link to get some that would be appreciated muchly
  9. Intercooler help!

    just need to know what intercooler brands are the real deal and what to stay away from? Im looking for one to go in my 13 with an s15 engine.
  10. Wheel spacers!

    Who runs with wheel spacers , what are the pros and cons of having them? Just want some to get some better fitment what brands are better then others?
  11. Sr20 oil clearance

    i have a stroker kit with after market crank, and i just need to know what bearing clearances people have got on sr20det with decent power? The standard one is 0.0002 - 0.0009 and max limit in 0.0020 what would be a comfortable clearance?
  12. Sr20 oil clearance

    With oil clearances coz i want 400+ hp would i need to stick to the fsm or do i need different more clearance? What clearances do people run?
  13. I am installing arp main studs and it says on the information with the reccommend torque to torque it to 80ft pounds but i physically cannot get it to that point and i dont wanna over do it,on other forums people say 70ft pounds, ive torqued according to fsm and i just dont feel confident with spec, if someone has installed them and could help would be appreciated.
  14. Turbo opinion

    Gtx2871r and the gtx3071r
  15. Turbo opinion

    Arent the turbos a similiar power rating?