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  1. Stock Parts Available or Needed to borrow

    hey looking at borrowing/buying s13 caster rods, front struts, drivers seat and that should do it! chuck me a pm please
  2. http://i.ebayimg.com/09/!B+Scp(gCGk~$(KGrHqUOKjkEzK6NtPcLBM+LN8BYgQ~~_12.JPG These are the indicators I it had on when I bought it... same goes for the front bumper indicators. When i bought it it had 2 small holes on the front guards where the indicators used to be but i bought some smoked ones (from an s15 or cefiro cant remember) and cut the hole bigger to suit. Are you basically saying I wont pass with these? Even though they still flash amber colour...
  3. hey just before anyone mentions and gets butthurt i've read the sticky and done my research but there are a few grey areas i am a bit unsure of. okay now back to it... about a month ago a bought a defected s13, thinking sweet it's a bit cheaper it'll only cost a few hundred it get it through regency it was defected for... - wheels outside guards - aftermarket steering wheel - coilovers (but was told it was stock suspension...?) i fixed all the things on the defect plus did a couple small things myself... now i decided to go through some mechanics/wreckers yard (wont mention their name) to give it an inspection and take it through regency for me due to me being at work when regency is open... they gave my a list of about approx 10 things that needed to be done. some of these i can understand but some seem like they are ripping me off.... anyway here is the list - z32 afm - front struts - headlights/parkers/indicators - adjustable caster rods - drivers seat - exhaust (i think they said it was too loud) - sway bar bushes front - LH rack boot - RH rack boot clamp - radiator brackets - child restraints - chassis rh crack - RH H/L (head light i believe?) - splitfire coilpacks - front and rear crank seals leaking - aftermarket tie rods - rear number plate cut (but could still see all the letters/numbers clearly...) So..... anyway everything in red i've gotten them to fix still but they were going to charge me $300 in labour to put the stock headlights/parkers/indicators on, take it through regency and then put mine back on... The bloke i was talking to said they needed to be changed because regency looking for something on the glass of the headlight (can't remember exactly, australian standards maybe?) but this felt a bit bullshit... The drivers seat is a 32 gtr seat with a bit of a tear in it and a bit of a metal bar showing (photo included) The AFM, exhaust, caster rods i can understand why they picked of them but the rest im not so sure... these are the only pics i have atm as i dont have the car at my place at the moment So basically, what would you guys advise? Thanks in advance :)