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  1. Yeah but i got a couple of mechanic guys checked it out, couldn't spot anything. they suggest when the symptom gets more obvious then come back.. I wonder if that will damage the car somehow.
  2. Hello, I've got a skyline gt250 2007, ever since I did a full service, my car doesn't run smoothly like used to. While driving, I can feel the jerky acceleration and gear changing, and most of time it comes with the rev counter jumping up and down, with a strange engine noise sounds like unable to reach a point. It doesn't happen everytime, but at least once or twice per day, especially when I stop in front of traffic light and start up again. I have went to 2 different places to check it out, their mechanic guys did routine checks including scanning gearbox, nothing came out. The guy who did my full service said he only did oil change and normal inspection. This is giving me lots of trouble coz I can not speed up smoothly after stopping at a traffic light and the car behind may hit me >.< Any idea why this might happen..?