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  1. exhaust noise question

    unfortunately i am going away for work monday and get back tuesday. im probably going through on wednesday as thats when my boss is giving me the day off so i doubt ill have time, but i do appreciate the offer boosted edit - by the way boosted, what is the size of the stock exhaust? been googling this and the answers i find vary from 1.75 to 2.25 inches
  2. exhaust noise question

    damn was hoping the plate would be enough! thanks for the advice
  3. exhaust noise question

    nah it's not a cannon, cant remember brand atm but very similar to to the one on the bottom
  4. hey yall soo if you've seen my previous posts on here before then you'll know i've been getting my s13 off defect for some time now... i finally took it through regency a couple weeks ago and failed (god dam it!) one of the things was the exhaust being to loud, reading at 94.9dB now the bloke at regency told me to remove the gasket by the muffler and put in a plate to reduce the diameter of the exhaust, which is what i have done, reducing it from 3inch to approx 2.25inch. i downloaded an app on my phone that measures the decibel reading. did a test before putting the restrictor plate in and it read 93dB. did another test after putting the plate in and it read 93dB still. i doubt these apps would be very accurate but i just dont wanna waste another $100 going through regency, so i thought i'd ask for yall opinions. ive searched the net and haven't found a definitive answer... also, would this mess with the backpressure and the turbo from reduction in diameter. i do plan on putting the gasket back in once i have passed regency (if i pass lol) but was just curious thanks :)
  5. s13 rev problem

    okay awesome thanks mate
  6. s13 rev problem

    hey so ive decided to take it all back to stock, AFM, injectors & ECU but i was wondering if i need to change my coilpacks back to stock for the stock ECU. I am currently running splitfires, i don't see why they would need to be changed considering the timing is going to be the same but i thought i better ask to make sure
  7. hey guys i've been mucking around with my s13 for the past couple months, trying to get it through regency. One of the things I've had a problem with is the air flow meter. It had a z32 afm when i bought it, but decided to change it back to stock for regency. After realising it would needed to be re-tuned I put the z32 afm back in but installed these crimp bullet clips on the wires so I can easily change the AFM in the future without needing to solder anything. So... It was running all sweet and i decided to put it some split black corrugated tube (you know the ones where all the loom is ran through, just cant think of the proper name). Once I put the tube over the wires, decided to start up the car and again and BOOM! it has suddenly decided to stop running properly. the idle was a bit rough and would fluctuate a bit until it found it's sweet spot, and whenever i pressed on the accelerator it would rev and cut out at 2.5k rpm with a fair bit of smoke coming out the exhaust... Tried it again today and it seems to idle fine now but the same thing happens still when i press on the accelerator. I am stumped as to what the problem is. Im positive the wiring is correct... what would cause it to be fine one moment then start playing up 5mins later... Any help is much appreciated edit, got a redtop sr20det
  8. Never mind about the above question, i've sorted that out, but I have to ask, should the low beams stay on when switching to high beams?
  9. damn it, ive just been told by other mates who have gone through regency that a z32 is a no go another question that i mentioned earlier about the fog lights originally, the yellow foglights only came on with the high beams on as well, the fog light button itself only turned on the parkers. I found another plug that goes into the yellow fog lights socket. when this is plugged in the foglights button will turn the fog lights on, as well as the parkers. just wondering should the fog lights still come on with the high beams automatically, or should they be on a seperate switch. I guess it doesn't matter as i can also push the foglights button when ever high beams are on, not a huge inconvenience lol
  10. finally got around to changing it all back to the stock sr20det afm. it seems to run sluggish now, will it need to be retuned? or is there an easy fix to this problem
  11. will i need to retune my car once putting the stock afm back on? im thinking i will, but hoping i wont have to lol
  12. hey got a question with the afm trying to change it back to stock one but got confused as to which way the air flow was since there is no arrow on the afm itself this is what i got originally so i thought the air flow was that way in the pic took off the rubber joiner and decided it flowed the other way as it fit onto the air filter and pipe going to the turbo much easier, as well as the hole inside the afm which i assumed gauged the the air flow rate.... so yeah fairly sure it flows in the opposite direction to the pic above but just want to be 100% sure and also when i bought the car he gave me another afm but it had a different part number on it and the plug faces up rather than straight out like the one in the pic above. apart from the number, it looks identical. just wondering if it was off a different car or what the deal is with that? other afm cheers
  13. Yeah the video is heaps bad because my camera doesn't work and I recorded it on another phone then Texted it to myself. I just thought the foglight button would turn the yellow foglights on and not the parkers. Just hoping recency don't pick up oonit for bad wiring or some craps like that
  14. Thats a pretty good idea pmod but i think im going to change it anyway just so i can get a bit more prac experience on the car only thing is im having trouble finding a pair of just the camber tops so looks like ill be buying another pair of struts also can anyone help me with my foglight problem that i mentioned previously? http://tinypic.com/r/dytb29/8 thanks :)