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  1. Price Drop on the turbo charger. -> $1800 incl. the Fuel Reg, i want the fuel reg gone aswell. Pictures to make it easier for people.
  4. I have some parts that i am selling because i cannot afford to finish off the rest of the dream project due to financial circumstances. They've been collecting dust for a very long time. Fresh and unused parts. All have been bought fresh from Japan at great prices. Genuine $hit. The TURBO itself was bought from here in Sydney and it took me a very long time to find the rear housing. I had to get it sourced from a shop in Brisbane. For the SR20DET engine. - HKS Step 2 Cams 264 12mm intake/12mm exhaust = $500 -HKS Valve Springs to suit = $250 -Nismo 740cc Injectors (x4) = $550 -GARRETT GTX3071R w/ 0.64 REAR HOUSING + ADAPTERS TO SUIT MANIFOLD IF NEEDED = $2100 (Seriously sad to sell this badboy T.T) ^will only sell together with the housing. - SARD Fuel regulator (BLUE COLOUR) + extra adapters = $170 PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE. Facebook post link with all the pictures of the parts: https://www.facebook...614706438&rt=11
  5. Hey, So my mate at work suggested i get my coilovers rebuilt rather than getting new MCAs. He reckons itll be quarter of the price and would take about 2 days to turnover. Ive got BC racing coilovers v1, and atm two fronts are seized. ( which is why im after new ones) Any thoughts on getting them rebuilt?
  6. Alright thanks guys for the inputs! Appreciate it.
  7. Enquired about the Blues earlier this week. I asked them about alignment setup and all that and he gave me exactly this: ""front camber setting 'around' 2.5 degrees and front toe 1mm in per side. Rear camber 'around' 1.5 degrees with the toe being 1.5mm in per side." Can someone care to educate me on this?
  8. nah i dont intend on slamming it (i hate the slammed look tbh), i just want to replicate the height i have now which is both functional and looks nice. Any MCA distributors around NSW?
  9. Great insight guys, learning more things as i go. Ill get the mcas blue set. Do they go pretty low?
  10. Atm im after used, any particular brands to keep an eye on? Getting mcas will be my last resort.
  11. What do the level of spring rates determine. Like i know its x/y, x for front and y for rears. But not sure what they mean.