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  1. Up for sale is a hr31 belived to be a rb24 2 door gtsx.... This car is a perfect car to turn into how you want it done as it hasnt been modified yet from japan the price on these cars will only go up over time. It was imported 6 years ago through wally at z imports never been driven on australian roads or drifted here. have called regency and the car can be go through the pits at any time and hit the roads theres no time limit on compliying it I have all the paperwork for the car and the engineers reports from the intrusion bars and seat belts etc to be complied here in australia.. all you have to do is take it over the pits and youll be the first registered owner of the car. Its belived to have a rb24 in it, indicated by a HKS piggy back computer with 2.4l written on it but have nothing to prove it. it has aftermarket injectors and i could assume it has forge pistons if its got the 4agze pistons in it but cant gaurentee that. pulled out all of the plugs and the mixtures look spot on accross all cylinders. its a healthy engine with 147000km showing on dash. all the lights work etc power windows, mirrors, power seats, ABS, electronic suspension. etc everything could do with a bit of a re grease as the car has been sitting in and out of the weather since its been in australia. the car is straight and doesnt house any worrying amounts of rust just surface in some spots as its bit weather has gotten to it over time ( no idea why the previous owners didnt put a car cover over it). The car is complete has all the bits and pieces it needs to be put back together i.e a few small things on the interior and the side strip that runs down the car. i may have over looked a few things but it does appear to be there. the only thing i can point out on this car that is no good is it needs a respray. the back brakes are grabbing a little but its been driven only around the drive way and needs the door locks changed as someone broke a key in the door trying to brake into it new door locks are supplied. Its had an oil change not long ago, and brake, clutch and power steer fluid look good, couldnt tell you what the gearbox fluid or diff oil looks like but recommend it being changed, it also has advanti wheels with good tread all round, changeds through all gears nicely and drives really well and smoothly, air condition works also. your more than welcome to inspect the car if you HAVE MONEY, MONEY ONLY NO SWAPS!
  2. Up for sale is my rb25 nissan cefiro 5 speed Runs a series 2 rb25 full stock setup only ever seen 9psi. 88.000km on motor and 134.000kms on car, chassis is in top nick no accident damage Has new cv boots, recently been serviced with new oil, plugs and filter (not due for another 7000km ), has tein adjustable coilovers,hd clutch, adjustable upper castor arms, autometer colbalt water temp gauage, boost guage, turbo smart boost t. really good condition black interior, jvc touch screen head unit, new cefiro plastic rain gutters, gtr fuel pump, lsd diff, new rear magnaflow muffler, good tread on tyres, blitz air filter. comes with rb20 ecu so you can get nistune installed. rear center plastic with cefiro on it instead of nissan. comes with a new timing belt for the 110,000 service when its due. Last owners mate was a mechnic and did all the work himself have gone over it myself and it has been done well,all the electrics work including all the mirrors and power windows, ive always taken it easy and warmed it up before driving, comes with a 100mm sidemount cooler. Paint wise i would give it a 7/10 , has a few stone chips and bit of damage on the front left bar driveline i would give it a 9/10 never had any issues hasnt let me down beside when i purchased the car the vct solenoid wasnt working so changed that and works fine now. Only bad points: bit of gutter rash on both rear rims, speedo is out 13km/h so would need a new cable if that bothers you, and front left of bar has a little bit of damage, also small amount of rust on cowl pannel, easy fix. other than that no rust anywhere else on car Other than that great car sounds great, drives great and never had cop issues. selling up as bought another car no swaps thanks 0466 376 039