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  1. Cash Towing Job

    Top Notch Towing - 0488 500 800 http://nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=508351&st=0&p=6757187entry6757187
  2. Was looking at the NSW section and came across a thread that members posted a pic of their ride to help their spotted thread along, and also let other members know who they are, I thought it was a really good idea and reckon the Vic section should have one too! Cheers Maciek I'll start off with mine!
  3. Hi Kids, Anybody recommend a car detailer who comes to your house and does an amazing job for a good price? Two cars of mine need to be detailed and one hasn't had a polish for over 10 years so need someone who knows what there doing and uses proper industrial detailing products not super shit auto polishes.. Anybody know anyone?
  4. Hey guys, Cousin just bought a business and is getting into the towing industry. Perfect truck for all your lowered cars and is extra carefull for everyones pride and joy as he loves his cars himself. Call him and drop you seen the add on NS.com and he'll look after you. Top Notch Towing - 0488 500 800
  5. XMAS Special. free wristy with every tow
  6. Hey girls, Need to get my windows tinted in a 20% tint so stop my ranga skin burning whilst driving. Prefer them to come to mine if possible (S.E Suburbs). Anybody have any contacts? Cheers, Maciek xoxo
  7. Hahaha I'm getting a hardlid and locking you up next time Rusty! Cheers boys, went and seen Sam from Blackburn did a ripper job, wanted $200 for 20% for my dual cab Navara but I ended up going 18% which was $220 with lifetime warranty. Sam Tang (works for Premier Tint, does backyard jobs cheap) 116 Shafer Road, Blackburn North 0411338616
  8. Bugger... I'm out. Gotta take Granny to church. Enjoy ladies!
  9. Got this bloke to tint my Navara today in 18% tint, came out awesome, lifetime warranty and took him less then 90min. Champion bloke! Just make sure your car is under 2m or else it wont fit in his garage Sam Tang (works for Premier Tint, does backyard jobs cheap) 116 Shafer Road, Blackburn North 0411338616
  10. Rusty I can't believe you still haven't assigned them rego plates yet haha! Truck now has dose, get towed in style .... uleh!

    That looks f**king sick. I want another S14
  12. any original ns.coms still here?

    This place is still alive haha
  13. The Australian dollar is so good at the moment I might aswell exchange a few thousand into US dollars for a trip to Hawaii next year and wondering where the best place that people know of to exhange money at for the best rate! Cheers, Maciek xoxo
  14. Alrighty I'll hold off a little then, thanks boys!
  15. Chev Badges On Commodores

    Indeed it was, f**k I miss that car, chix froffed the cam and leather! Hahaha who are you? Yeah when I get back from Hawaii I think the Calais is gonna go and S14 #3 is coming..
  16. Girls only hills run

    Yeah get Liz to go and throw me in the back seat and me and you can get smashed!
  17. Whats changed now? I'm guessing Autosalon will still be tuff this year Emre? hahaha I've entered MAS a few times and I had a ball, never had any problems with cops and shit. Filled the boot full of piss, got smashed with mates and hit on every promo/model girl that walked past! If any of the old school boys are down let me know and i'll fill your boot and do it all again!
  18. Hey guys, My old mans chasing a car alarm for his Landcruiser. Nothing state of the art or anything just keyless entry, immobiliser, alarm etc and trying to find a mob that someone recommends! Only place I can find is on Tradingpost and they do an alarm called 'Spy' for $185 installed but looks like Chinese shit so wondering who can recomend what! Cheers, Maciek
  19. Vic 4x4 crew

    Calais is up for sale so 4x4 #3 is soon to be :-)
  20. Yes we will be, last time I seen any drift was in Japan on the Outrun Trip 2009 and the last time I was at Winton was like 2+ years ago, don't remember much... all I know is I drank a slab of Johnny's on a stinking hot summers day and jumped up on the podium when they were announcing the top 3 drivers lol. I'm trying to suss out an after party, I've spoken to a few dirties from Benalla and they say its all pretty shit, if we want clubs where best off going to Wangaratta which is about 30min away from Benalla or else Friday night in Benalla its 'The Royal' and Saturday night it's either "The North Eastern", "The Royal" or "The Commercial" just remember that lockout is usually about 12:15 and the pubs are all closed by 1am lol Ohh and Mozza, I definitely wanna hear some Aqua - Barbie Girl... DO IT.
  21. Cruise Tomorrow

    I got stuck in Phillip Island! Spewing I missed it, the Calais would have chomped lol!
  22. Dint removal blokes

    Hey guys, Few days after I bought my new car some cock spanker decided to smash a trolley into my rear door at Knox, and its 2 dints mm apart so its shitting me, wanna see if some dint dudes can get it out... can anyone recommend someone who they've used and done wonders for! Cheers xx
  23. Dint removal blokes

    Nah not paint damage, just pushed in. Whats his number Rusty?