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  1. 555cc Nismo injectors

    Great support for your turbo upgrade, your tuner will be happy
  2. 555cc Nismo injectors

  3. GTX3067

    Thread subscribed. I have a 2867 setup and am keen to see how the 3067 behaves and performs
  4. FYP.. I've seen horrific tunes out of said shop.. Ive had mine tuned 4 times at various stages of my car being developed over the last 7 years. Has been perfect every time.
  5. 200rwkw -> 250rwkw

    Haha ok. Well I'll find out for myself later down the track. Either that or i jump to a T3 frame GTX(30)67
  6. Awesome result man, the magic 300kw figure. The curve looks greatly improved. Mark and Evan yavuz do fantastic tunes there
  7. 200rwkw -> 250rwkw

    Yeah its insanely responsive. Love it on the street. 😎 I am staying on 98 octane. Be interested to know what it will make with a forged bottom end and 26psi....maybe 270ish kws? Do you know what psi level these run out of puff?
  8. 200rwkw -> 250rwkw

    Actually have Unigroup Engineering cams, which are based off the tomei poncam
  9. SR20DE build

    What I mean is the afm not so much maxing out, but the stock design maybe holding back from what could be freed up. I'm sure someone would have done back to back testing. I had the head shaved on my toyota engine a few weeks ago, was $90 at the machine shop. The only expense would be buying adjustable cam gears so you can get the cams back to the zero position. Your right, NA is costly for what you get power wise. Would still be fun if done properly in a lightweight track car
  10. SR20DE build

    I would suggest increasing the compression ratio to a safe level your tuner can work with, and the fuel you want to use. This is in conjunction with the cam upgrade. You will likely need adjustable cam gears to correct the cam timing, once you have the head decked enough to increase the compression ratio to a suitable level. Once you have done this aftermarket ECU tuning should be feasible. The stock AFM might be a restriction, so I suggest investigating a Z32 AFM or going to a map sensor type ecu.
  11. 200rwkw -> 250rwkw

    Did exactly that and have 252kws at the wheels
  12. 555cc Nismo injectors

    These babies are still available
  13. Nice setup man. I'd be interested to see what it makes on 21psi
  14. I bought mine from a diesel spares shop. They have threaded studs with nyloc nuts
  15. 555cc Nismo injectors

    Set of 4 Nismo injectors for your SR Mimimal use, preferred by many tuners. Nice spray pattern. Good for turbo upgrades whilst still being able to tune for decent economy Located in western Sydney but can post $380 plus postage