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  1. Still have the 5 stud available? Any idea what size spacer would be required (roughly) to clear S14A fronts?
  2. I bought mine for that reason. I probably see 10-15 S15's before I see a 14
  3. S14A - Flouroo Green Goodness

    I guess hard for me to really comment as it's the only turbo I've had on the SR.. I don't have anything bad to say about it although I have heard people voice their dissatisfaction with it..
  4. Pics of S14 on 16's

    My only reason for going for a slightly bigger wall on the front is for clearance reasons.. And the fact that it's easier to get 215 in 55's and 245's in 50's.. Just wanted to see if there's much notable difference if anyone had any example pics..
  5. Hi All, Wondering if you can help with any pics - S14 with preferably aftermarket 16's. I'm looking for different size sidewalls - as I know most stockies come with 50/55 - wondering if anyone has got anything other? I'm planning on running 16x8.5 + 17 Buddyclubs all round which I have on hand - just need to choose tyres. I'm thinking 215/55/16 up front & 245/50/16 at the rear but just wanted to see out of interest if anyone has done anything different? Before anyone comments - yes I know they are small rims - and that's why I like them Thanks!
  6. S14A - Flouroo Green Goodness

    Hit WSID for the first time in the 14.. Came home with a best of 12.998 @ 116mph. Plenty of potential! Was pretty happy for first time out there
  7. 2 tone S13 ca18det 210 rwkw.

    Love it man.. always had a soft spot for the two tones - looks like it's gonna be perfect fitment once loooow.
  8. S14A - Flouroo Green Goodness

    If anyone wants to buy either the 17's or 15's you see on the above - they for sale!
  9. What happened to hip hop/rap?

    New NAS album is sweeet
  10. NSW Spotted Thread

    That me! Thanks man Soon to not have different wheels!
  11. S14A - Flouroo Green Goodness

    Yeah that would be me buddy Didn't quite catch you I don't think but cheers for the wave!
  12. Know any good Auto Electricans?

    Hey Sidd - where did you end up going? Wouldn't mind a half decent contact for a few things I'd like to do..
  13. Sorry if I've missed it - but do you sell pairs? If so - can I have a price on both of these? Only wanting to buy two - but not sure on what specs yet.. 17x9 +25 2.75 inch dish [Gloss black, Chromium black] 5x100/114.3 multistuds 17x10 +20 4.25 inch dish [Gloss black, Chromium black] 5x100/114.3 multistuds