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  1. Mazda CX7 Luxury Aux

    I'm only after Aux add on to the standard system you posted on you're 3rd link.. I just want to add aux to the standard stereo, is this possible? Not concerned about GPS
  2. Aftermarket FMIC for CX7

    Hi all, Bought a '09 Luxury model CX7 recently as a family car.. And wondering if anyone has installed an aftermarket FMIC and would like your advice on which to go with.. Or any other inexpensive basic mods that will improve the overall performance..
  3. R200 Diff Ratios

    Can anyone tell me what a 180sx Type X diff would be worth, used? But no issues?
  4. help out a noob =D

    Ball bearing by looking at the digits..
  5. mobile car detailer - Sydney area

    Just put a Ute of mine up for sale and was thinking of having it detailed.. Experiences with Lionel from OCD would be fantastic if anyone here has used him and could share their experiences.. Thanks
  6. NS.Com NSW Hook-Ups

    Can get staff prices on air conditioners and refrigerators from a reputable Japanese brand name.. PM for details on brand and price..
  7. NSW Spotted Thread

    Spotted a matt black 280Z this morning going through rydalmere with killer camber.. I'm pretty sure she was sleeping by the look of that camber, then she took off bouncing off redline..
  8. dead end jobs.

    Get into the health industry, whether it's a customer service job for a pharmaceutical company or a stores person, the pay is much better than many other industries. They expect 110% but like anywhere, with hard work and perseverance, showing management you are worth the investment, you will go places.. Wish I was still in that industry.. *time to check out seek now actually* And just as greens14 said, you have to be happy doing what you do, money isn't everything..
  9. I had a EMS Stinger in my GZE 86.. Wasn't too bad at all.. Did everything I expected of it.. Depends how far you wish to tune it I guess..
  10. How to deal with moody girlfriends?

    Continuous patterns can only be changed when a woman wakes up to herself and starts realising what she's going to lose for real, ultimatum time..!! Wake up or get out..!!
  11. What are you listening to right now?

    Avicii - You Make Me..!!
  12. 180sx lazyeye

    +1 for the pivot controller.. So much easier and neater than the backyard mechanic way..!!
  13. Mazda CX7 Luxury Aux

    Hey guys, Is there a way I can get auxiliary option added to a standard CX7 Luxury model standard double din with reverse camera..? Any help would be appreciated.. Thanks..
  14. Hong Kong/Macau/Beijing

    Hey all, Going on holidays with the mrs in March next year to Beijing for 3nights, and Hong Kong for 5or 6 nights (day trips to Macau).. Anyone know of any really good hotels on sale around this time, or have access to staff prices? I've checked out wotif, booking.com, tripadviser, etc etc. I know all these sites have sales etc but I was wondering if anyone knew some super sale price or something for a great hotel.. Anyone here also recommend any hotels or recommend to stay away from? Thanks..
  15. Smuggling Alcohol on P&O Cruise

    It's sooooo cheap inboard anyway there would be no reason to sneak it on unless u were Jewish and make ur own booze.. Farr out.. If u can't afford the drinks.. Holiday at home lol