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  1. Red Shitbok - Matsuri 2K14 wrap up!

    You weld up those bits yourself? What welder are you using, those LCAs look really neat.
  2. Nate's S15 Spec-R

    How much was that PBM frontpipe? Need to replace mine, probably just gonna make my own if I cant find a good tradeoff between quality and price.
  3. S14 Tachometer died

    I need a white faced s2 one, for those of you with them pm me a price you'd accept. I bought a second adm cluster which didn't work, and tested a friends adm which didn't work, but am currently using his jdm cluster which works fine.
  4. Blowing ignition fuses

    Oh my bad, It didn't blow as such, one of the intercooler hose clamps failed and the pipe blew off, smashing the ignitor to pieces. There is no obvious melted wires, so the only place I can think they would be if any is between the loom behind the cluster and where it enters the engine bay. I stepped the ignition fuse up to 20amp, because I thought that possibly the YJ ignitor may run a slightly lower resistance, fluctuating over the 15amp every now and then. I have read somewhere that an ls1 was doing the same thing, the cause was that on startup the ecu was firing all coils at once, is this something that is likely to happen over time? My ecu is not even 2 years old
  5. A few weeks ago the ignitor chip on my sr20 broke, I replaced it with a yellow jackets ignitor and ever since, the 15amp ignition fuse at the haltech blows on startup. I could not find any obvious problems, so I stepped the fuse up to a 20amp which has eliminated the problem... until now. My tacho has stopped working, got a friends jdm cluster to test and it was all good, got a replacement adm cluster, which was apparently in working condition, plugged it in and still not working. Is it likely that I have blown the new cluster as well? So now I am wondering, would increasing the 15amp fuse to a 20amp be causing the tacho to become the next weakest link, due to a not-so-obvious problem elsewhere, ie coilpacks, cas, ecu? I don't want to use my friends jdm cluster long term, incase I short his out as well and I'm forking out for 4 clusters. Standard coilpacks. Yellow jackets ignitor. Haltech ps1000. SR20det, s14 s2. Does anyone know something that may be of assistance?
  6. s14a dori project .....Sil80 reshelling

    Love VS-KF's, keen to see the finished result! Who does the non-stepped lips here in QLD? Looking for a local solution to do some VS-XX.
  7. Dirty Red S14

    Bit of an update: Bought a "turbo back 3" stainless system" off ebay for $450 delivered. Turns out only the catback section is 3", and the rest is 2.5"... So the dump and front pipes are no good to me and are for sale if anyone is keen. Chucked on my mates vs-xx for the PW Charity Cruise over the weekend. Went to the servo and put air in the tyres... go to leave and the car won't start. Tested everything that I could with the only tool in the car (flat head screwdriver) before calling RACQ and getting towed home. Problem ended up being 2/4 fuses at the haltech, ignition and injectors had both blown for some reason So I've replaced the fuses and all seems good... so I ask the people of NS, what could have caused this? I had just replaced the ignitor chip before going to the servo, but the car was moved several times in between and everything was fine. I had assumed it must have been the immobiliser locking me out or something.
  8. Muski's Rocketbunny S14

    Where did you get the widened rezax lips from muski? Are they new or secondhand/refurbed? Those crow harnesses look sweet! The purple looks really good.
  9. Dirty Red S14

    The tune might have been a bit rushed, they were packing up while my car was on the dyno, but the maps are definitely a lot smoother, the old one was crap and still set to 800cc injectors. When I first installed the turbo it was really impressive, any gear, any rpm, boost was right there; so I'm thinking it will need a fair bit of timing added to pick up the response, because base timing was 10* 'out' (not sure on specifics, so I'll have to ask him), so that was corrected. Stao from hypergear did say when I bought it that he made it with the 0.83 housing to accommodate more timing down low and to not choke it up top - seems my exhaust is choking it anyway.
  10. Dirty Red S14

    Yes! Finally, thanks man. Alright i'll look into it, I just had photobucket from when I was younger, so used that.
  11. Dirty Red S14

    Kouki S14 was always a favourite car of mine as a kid, so April 2013 I bought my dream car (lol, idiot). Owning this car has definitely been an eye opener, and a massive learning curve but if I could go back and do it again, I probably wouldn't change it. I thought I was buying a bargain, a kouki with all the good gear at a great price, what could go wrong?! I had a mate in the know come check it out before I put down any money and he confirmed, good stuffs. A few weeks later, this fine automobile was in my front yard. Mods were: Rebuilt SR20 with 50,000kms Garrett 3071 T2 internal gate Tomei 256/256 with VCT Nismo 2 way LSD Greddy Intercooler 800cc injectors Twin Plate clutch Haltech PS1000 Tein coilovers with cusco adjustable arms ORC Twin Plate probably more but I forget... Sounded like a great combination for a nice street car. Plans were, ditch the rota's get a nice aggressive set of work equips, lower it a bit more and more or less keep it clean and straight while being a fun daily drifter. After having it sit like this for a while I started getting curious and pulling bits off which is when I discovered the jibbery. 800cc injectors - nope, Nismo 555's/550's (yellow, would have known earlier if I researched); Nismo 2 way - nah jokes bro, locked r200 (I had no idea what a genuine 2 way felt like, but I knew this was tight as ferk and would rip skids); At least it still has cams though... no idea what kind, good chance they're not tomei but having cams is a plus; Ended up ditching the twin plate because it was so difficult to get up the gutter into my yard. Polished the intercooler Ripped out the dash, got rid of the gauges and took off the turbo timer in an attempt to make it that little bit less defectable. Will probably all go back in once I see some serious track time. Also added in heater box etc, so that I'd have a functioning demister during the winter fog. No aircon though, because racecar. Acquired some budget skid rims, the more the merrier? Installed some front indicators, with additional bulbs because they are 5w and blinked fast Dummied up some 3" pig pipes Bit longer than expected, but that's cool if you aren't the police, right? Somewhere about here, it started running on 3 cylinders and after a bit of help from some members here, discovered it was the coilpack transistor/ignitor chip. After a week of having it registered, the 3071 decided it wanted to die a noisy death, like nails on a chalkboard, some front to back shaft movement was causing the turbine wheel to scrub on the housing It was time for a more responsive turbo anyway. After much umming and ahhhing and wanting to stick to a low budget, my Hypergear ss1pu came a few weeks ago. No pics of the fun time I had swapping turbo's, and getting 3 sets of coolant lines made up, and drilling out the holes in the dump pipe which changed position after dumping the chinese stainless manifold. While this was going on, I also installed GKtech RAS, which it was supposed to already have, a GKtech clutch fan and a billet pulley kit, however the alternator pulley needed modifying and the night before it's tune aintnobodygottimefodat so the factory pulley went back on. Something about this pic that I really dig And as of last Thursday I'm here... To say I'm disappointed would be a mega understatement, ECC did the tuning and he cleaned up the maps heaps because they looked shite before. The timing was 'out', but it seems that correcting that has taken ALL of my turbo's response. First install the turbo was nuts, positive pressure around 1,800rpm and 18psi before 4,000rpm, loved it. Now I'm not starting boost til about 3,000rpm and 18psi is after 5,000; as well as some other issues that need discussing. I'm going to call him after my exam on Wednesday and see what's up. So I'm on the hunt for a bigger exhaust 3"-3.5" if anyone finds a cheapie, let me know! So as it stands, mods are: Hypergear SS1pu T2 internal gate, sort've equivalent to a GT-RS I think Unknown lumpy cams Broken VCT China split dump P.O.S mix and match exhaust Greddy intercooler Standard intake manifold Standard exhaust manifold Alloy 3" intake pipe by ECC GKtech RAS GKtech clutch fan Haltech PS1000 Exedy HD organic Cusco adjustable rear arms Tein HR coilovers Rota D2ex - F: 18x9.5+13 (effectively), - R: 18x10+12 This thread is not as exciting as some on here, but it's going to be long, and hopefully marginally entertaining, by thriving in my misfortune if nothing else. Plan is still to keep it a daily, and attend drift events whenever possible, hoping to learn even more along the way, as there is an exciting/daunting world of LCAs, knuckles, members, racks, rods, and other mechanical goodness awaiting.
  12. gktech copper radiators

    By drain plug on the block, you don't mean the turbo coolant lines? They obviously drain coolant from the block when you unplug them, they are both near the dipstick
  13. Have you thought about secondhand? Tein hr's, fairly old now but will have you tucking some tyre if you so desire. Can be had for $500 maybe less if you search around. Mine look old old, no leaks or anything though, seem alright. I have no idea what a spring/coil combo goes for, but these could be a reasonable budget option? Just my thoughts, brand new/peace of mind might be of more value to you. oops, should have checked date, you've probably already bought something.
  14. Identifying sr20 cams

    Just cranked it 360... now after reading that ^ cranked it backwards But yeah would have expected stamping or printing of some sort, even on stock cams I thought there would be something identifiable? So yeah, the rotation revealed a T in a circle on the IN and R2 on the EX, with 014 engraved at the end. Does this make sense to anyone? Maybe someone has stock cams on their garage floor and can compare this for me.
  15. Identifying sr20 cams

    I am still yet to go out and crank it, just got home from uni. Honestly, this car is full of surprises, should have ripped it apart as soon as I got it rather than wait til now... Got the car private sale about 5 months ago, slowly been doing stuff for rego, engine wasn't really looked at, just assumed it had all the stuff advertised. Receipts show a 300+kw build a few years ago, setup has obviously changed since then though, specifics of said build weren't included, receipt just says 300kw package from nizzpro/niztune I forget, in vic. - Had a t2 3071 on it, shat itself a few weeks ago, after all of 7 drives. - Was told it had a nismo 2-way, actually has shimmed r200. - Told it has Tomei step 1 cams, yet to determine what it really has, no rocker stoppers either... - Injectors seem to be nismo 550cc(yellow), however I fail to see how these would flow enough for 300kw? Maybe high-flowed? - Standard Coilpacks - Haltech ps1000 I'm not sure if the curve drops off around 5700, sort of felt like it pulled right to 7,000 hard to say, barely drove it. So far, it appears that me and your mate have something in common Getting it tuned next week if all goes well up til then. When everything's right and I know exactly what I've got I'll do a member's ride thread.