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  1. Hey everyone Ive been looking around to find a decent turbo back system for my S14 and was wondering what anyone recommends i dont want to spend 1200-1500 and thats only for cat backs ive found i just think thats too much. Ive seen an exhaust system from Holford motors and i can get a full turbo back system for around 600 does anyone know what their quality is like ive never bought anything from them. Any suggestions will be taken on board. Thanks guys
  2. Stock S14 airbox to fit Pod filter

    Yeah sounds more reasonable to go for a better panel filter at the moment. Thanks for the heads up Aym
  3. Stock S14 airbox to fit Pod filter

    I thought of that actually ive heard the panel filters are as throaty sounding as a pod but from having a pod on my NX i know what the pod will sound like dunno what the panel filter will sound like by comparison to the panel filter because Ive never heard if they sound differently. Im obviously not aiming here for power because if i did id look at other mods haha
  4. Stock S14 airbox to fit Pod filter

    I still have the stock cooler no engine mods at all Ive got friends that have front mounts and aftermarket exhausts but arent above EPA noise regulations and never get pulled over. When i buy a cooler it will be black not polished or raw i want to keep things standard looking keep it clean so thats why I asked if the pod could fit in the original box which is all I want to know. I havent been pulled over since I had my first car and yes it was a VL that was 8 years ago since then Ive never had pull over issues just EPA from a noisy exhaust i had on my NX coupe but that was understandable. SO if I can retain the factory box fit a pod in there because thats what i want to do and maintain any further mods I do to as stock looking and keep the exhaust noise down I should be good to go.
  5. Stock S14 airbox to fit Pod filter

    Hahah Ive had problems with my last car and cops with exposed pod and thats why Ive asked I couldnt find a separate thread otherwise I wouldve looked there. I want a stealth look im not looking for being loud about a few things.
  6. Stock S14 airbox to fit Pod filter

    I guess I want a throaty sound from the induction but not having it in a box means if im pulled over ill get a defect cops here will defect for having a pod just in the open so its more to get the throaty sound im after and keeping the stock set up. Mates who are mechanics have said as dumb as it is youll get a defect for a pod anytime they check under the hood.
  7. Hey everyone Does anyone know if a 3" K&N filter will be able to fit inside the stock S14 S2 airbox I dont want the Pod just sitting without a cover and im not willing to spend 150-250 for a pod filter cover or heat shield. I might be getting the why do you want to questions which ill expect but I just want to know if anyone else has done it or if it can be done without modifying the box for it to fit the length inlet to end is 20cm. Thanks for any help
  8. Another Kouki to the family

    Yeah Ive found some good prices for what I want which cat back does yours have? What does it sound like? Its hard to find a good system without forking out heaps.
  9. Another Kouki to the family

    Haha we should have a Kouki only thread performance wise Im looking to upgrade small mods for now like the stock cooler to a black plazmaman with black piping i want a stealth look preferably a turbo back exhaust im looking at the hks Hi power silent systems and maybe adjustable coilovers I wouldnt mind it sitting a bit lower. Aesthetically I want to change the rear bumper, side skirts, add a roof spoiler, front bumper and boot lips. Not giving it all away there are other things I want to do haha I cant wait to start im finding it hard to source a good turbo back system if anyone knows of a place to look im open to opinions. I did read in a commodore forum xforce was not particularly as good as what people say my mate has one on his S15 and has never complained so Im not sure if it was just a once off. Lots to look forward to in any respect for my car I just want the mods I want so I can join in with meets and cruises.
  10. Another Kouki to the family

    Thanks Chris
  11. Hi everyone I'm new to the forum I own a 96 S14a love my Kouki to death I can't wait to mod it out soon and post new pics so far its stock as a rock besides a head unit I couldnt bare that original radio anymore haha
  12. SR20DET 200sx S14 Kouki Slow Build

    Aron have you checked out otomoto.com.au Im planning on buying a black cooler off these guys soon I saw it on mighty car mods Moog used it for his s15 to keep it as a sleeper check em out. Im also looking at an exhaust for my Kouki but a Turbo back system how does yours sound as a cat back? Is it drony or does it have a good sound for daily driving?
  13. I'm nick and new to Melbourne.

    I've only had my S14 for the past 6 months abouts and I joined up recently might as well be part of the family
  14. My S14 Kouki

    Early stages of my S14a completely stock except for the head unit.