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  1. Good luck with that. Short of changing to a rb30 bottom end i think you will still come up short. They will always have more bottom end power too, displacment makes a huge difference. Maybe by numbers (i admit, my post was worded badly), but likely not in performance. And if you want a family car with kick, why not an R34 4 door? Or even a V35 4 door? Their interior is SCHMICK! dude i can't even fit my eski in their boots let alone all the kids crap as well lol. I looked at a RB25 stagea but their getting a bit old for a good car for my liking - I'm not a fan of the V6 ones. I think next time i might look at a Liberty GT wagon, and still keep my bogan tractor (nick name for my patrol =P ). I do miss the acceration though =(
  2. Good luck with that. Short of changing to a rb30 bottom end i think you will still come up short. They will always have more bottom end power too, displacment makes a huge difference.
  3. I recently went from owning a GTR to owning a Nissan Patrol, and i have been thinking about selling the Sileighty and upgrading to something locally produced. My main reason for changing was 1. i now have a family so a 2 door jap import with bugger all boot space is no longer suitable for my situation. I have taken a big step backwards in the handling department going form a GTR with Cuscos all round to a Patrol with sloppy suspension with maximise wheel travel. I do miss the GTR but it is no longer suitable, nor can i use it that way i would like with my family aboard. I still have a japanese influenence though as I expect to gain the same hp\Litre as i previously had while still maintaining decent fuel ecconomy. My GTR average around 14L\100km around town if driven sensibly, good luck getting that from a new HSV or FPV around town. I have looked at the new Evo X and considered it but it lacks space, the rear seating is shocking and the boot is way too small for what i require. The new WRX is worse. Interior wise, sadly the local cars always seem to be more comfortable. Handling wise the Jap imports win hands down every time, but you have to ask yourself how often do you push your handling to the limit, if you can at all? I have found (myself included) people have a different outlook on motor vehicles and what they expect from them.
  4. This is sad news, we can only hope this is resolved through the same means Apexi was pulled out of the poo. Thanks Ebay and the new age tight ass car builders that thrive in inferior chinese components.
  5. how do you think bigger cams would affect this result 180athid? Step3s too big for this size turbo?
  6. High HP SR rollcall

    My engine is still not complete - Local companies give the shits!!!! Anyway here's a list of the parts I've used. Trust T67-25G 8cm Trust R-SPL HG Front Mount (600x300x115) HKS Fuel Rail HKS 740cc Injectors CP Pistons Scat Rods ARP Rods Bolts ARP Head studs ARP Main Studs Trust Sump Tomei Solid Type 260deg 12mm IN and 270deg 12.5mm EX Cams Tomei Solid Conversion Tomei Single Valve springs Tomei Solid Lifters Tomei Rocker Stopper Tomei Cam gears Tomei Metal 1.2mm Headgasket Bosch 044 Pump Apexi Power FC D-Jetro Apexi AVCR Apexi RSM Trust Oil Cooler Sard FPR Split Fire Coilpacks Kakimoto Regu 6 U exhaust Trust Type R BOV Koya Alloy Radiator OS STR Twin palte Clutch OS Giken Cross Mission 5 speed gear set. Nismo 2 way LSD There's probably other stuff but this car has been getting built afor a few years now so you forget the cheaper small things.
  7. yeah they do make it. can i get a price please delivered to qld?
  8. can you get the Kakimoto Regu 06& R for the S13 turbo (80mm diameter piping)
  9. What valve springs?

    By the sounds of it I'll be ordering doubles next week. I do plan to rev mine further than standard, I've got a Trust T67-25g and it doesn't really come on until 4000 rpm so i need all the rev range i can get thanks for all your replys
  10. What valve springs?

    ^^ sorry dude I'm having a hard time reading your post .... Went solid as my hydraulic lifters were stuffed and new from nissan their nearly 200 bucks each!!! I was buying cams anyway so the 300 odd bucks for the tomei solid conversion was more than worth it. I used the Tomei solid conversion as I have seen a few problems people have experience with the HKS one and it was nearly 5 times the price by the time you bought everything - arms etc. The GTiR conversion was too dear as well as i cbf swapping heads and getting a custom plenum made. I used tomei because there's bugger all information around the place on other brands (other than the jap ones).
  11. What valve springs?

    The tomei doubles are costing me a bit over $800 delivered with retainers. The singles are just over $300. I've gone tomei everything else (cams, cam gears, lifters, internals etc) so I'm going to stick with them. Just trying to work out whether doubles are worth it or not.
  12. What valve springs?

    well according to the tomei website they say you can use singles. Is there any down side to this? Will i end up with valve float?
  13. I've got a Trust R-SPL HG on order. Bought it cause I wanted tube and fin - cooling properties are meant to be better but at the cost of flow. Don't have a clue what its like compared to my Hybrid kit as the car is still being built atm.
  14. I recently got my cams and cam gears anbd before i order my vavle springs i want to know which ones. The cams i have are Tomei Pro cams, 260 with 12mm lift in and 270 with 12.5mm ex,(solid lifter conversion) do i need the double valve springs with these cams? I spoke one workshop and they say i don't and that the doubles are a waste of money yet another i spoke to say i do need them due to the big lift. Which ones do i need?
  15. When a car is complianced it must be emmission tested doesn't it? If so to what standard must the cars adhere too? Is it a new car standard? In 2008, Australia is taking on the new Euro 4 emissions and some cars that are on our roads today sold as new cars ie. Subaru wrx cannot meet these new standards so they are being taken off the market, where does this leave imports?