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  1. How much boost would a WRX STI run stock?

    Yep 14 to 15psi, and can run up too 18 safely and 20 ir your really lucky
  2. Speedometer issue

    With the electric drive sometimes its the sensors, or the cog in the gear box, my scan too said speedo sensor, but I had to end up rebuilding box
  3. Buying a B4 liberty

    No the auto is not a sti auto, b4 are a lot of issues with head gasket failure at those sorta k,s turbo issue usually the first turbo goes. And the list goe on.
  4. 97 WRX Wagon

    Agreement don't run a atmo bov on a Wrx, cause a real rich then lean spot during shifting, get a proper good branded cai for them sounds way nicer and too the twat that said Subaru afm meters and temperamentle too pods please don't buy a Subaru again, I'm sick of replacing afm for people, cause they don't use the right pod or just do the air box mod.
  5. Intercooler?

    On a Subaru, 03 upwards a good upgrade is a process west top mount, can Handel up too 340kw. As piping is meters on a Subaru increases the intake track by a lot adding a front mount cause stupid amounts of lag, so decent turbo on your 06 07 with the top mount will aid in having around 240 260kw with right fuel setup.
  6. EJ20 Mechanic - Canberra

    Mick Teckworkz, best place to go, also better switching from tt too single, and if money allows a 2.5 with your heads and a vipec.
  7. Wiring issues

    Hey guys need a bit of help, I'm currently wiring up a s14, I usually do Wrx and rx7s It's a aus sr20 200sx, I have a full rb25s2 with full loom, and all sr20 loom also, I need too know how others have wired it into the f9 plug in the foot well, so I have power to ecu, cluster wipers and etc all help would be amazing.