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  1. Ssw Fluro Pink Mag Wheels - $700

    Price : $700 Condition : New BUMP
  2. Ssw Fluro Pink Mag Wheels - $700

    Price : $700 Condition : New Done roughly 2000 ks. No marks no scratches. Multi fit possibly 5 x 100 in other drilled holes. Suit skyline, falcon, mitsubishi, soarer, supra. Pick up in newcastle
  3. Blocking Spoiler Holes

    spot on bro
  4. Blocking Spoiler Holes

    Shy of welding and grommets?...tape the inside of the boot hole up and bog it...
  5. Reputable Tuner in Brisbane

    Handsdown Mercury Motorsport....Trent and the guys tune everything....oh and tess
  6. Hks Ssqv And Universal Adapter - $50

    Price : $50 Condition : Used Its used, Dont want it anymore and needs a new home. has some light paint rub on it on one side but other than that works perfectly... used for about a week. Then i ordered the Stealth FX dual port... Theres only 1...the pic uploaded 4 F***ing times sorry
  7. Just found a Tomei ARMS kit....Drrrooollll
  8. ^^^ funny guy. Nah i want to run something like a 40 series. Maybe another Turbonetics GTK1000 or something. Had one on a previous ride. Nothing but the best. I would highly recommend There stuff any day. The guys at GCG rebuilt the twins i have now. They suggested a big single Garret....on a 6 boost Manifold???
  9. I'm the cat with the bass and drum...Going 'round like bom, bom, bom
  10. Newbie, first 180

    Make friends with a local performance shop...Ebay has a few random specials, but the genuine tag doesnt always mean genuine...More than likely 9 out of 10 times its a genuine copy. take care
  11. Rookie from NSW

    theres a few missiles around newy ive noticed...
  12. Street/daily tyre reviews

    Are you serious, you want a good tyre for under 200 and you wamt good performance. Ever heard the terms "cheap and nasty" or "you get what you pay for". If you want something decent pay a few more dollars and you will be happier. Thats so spot on....
  13. my type x rig **money pit of speed and tears**

    money pit of speed and tears.....love it
  14. New to newy....Definetly not new to Hardtuned

    yeah mate just pop on over to my other intro thread ill try pop a few up....Thanks for the heads up on the warners bay meet ups. I was at genesis the other day and saw a few mouth watering rides....some well done, some pretty average but hey...cant wait to chat to yous, come over and intro yourselves so i can put a name to the faces on here....cheers
  15. Street/daily tyre reviews

    I run Dunlop Super sport 245 40 18 on the back and Falken 452s on the front best of both worlds i reckon