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  1. good respray joints in adelaide

    Everything but bonet rear bar and boot. So near enough pick it up today
  2. good respray joints in adelaide

    Realy poor fit. Wouldn't reccomend them to anyone
  3. good respray joints in adelaide

    Hey guys that's my 33 in phils shop at premium autobodies. Price is great service is great. The bar was from carmate and yes Phil had to do a lot of work
  4. good respray joints in adelaide

    Iv gone with with premium autobodies.will post all pics wen finished. Getting both wheel arches painted and drivers door as well as front bar
  5. good respray joints in adelaide

    Cheers mate will do ASAP. Cheers for the info
  6. Gtr bar from carmate

    Mine arrives on Wednesday and it's it's in good shape but took it to the panel shop and it needs a bit of cutting and trimming to fit. All up painted and fitted 500$. Will post pics when finished next week
  7. Gtr bar from carmate

    Does anyone have a 33 gtr bar from carmate to fit a gtst? Anyone who has can u post pics?
  8. good respray joints in adelaide

    Cheers for the help guys
  9. hey guys. ime after the names of a few places in Adelaide that do a good respray.my 33 is white and although the paint is OK there's spots everywhere that do my head in.id love to go gun metal grey but if that's going to cost to much ill stick with a fresh coat of white.so if anyone could let me know of any good places that would be much appreciated