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  1. As the tittle says, I'm in need of someone to roll my guards. Someone who can come to me preferably. And also whats the cost involved these days? Cheers.
  2. MY 02 s15

    Updates??? Love this car!!!
  3. Steel Rims 16x8 16x10 4x114.3 - SOLD OUT

    What size were you thinking? 15x8? Is that possible? Coz I'd be down for a set! I'd also be keen on a set of these for my civic Please let us know when these are back in stock!
  4. Hello to All !

    Hey all, used to own a pretty bad ass s14 but these days i roll a club spec evo 4. Love this thing! Although its up for sale now so if your keen have a look in VIC's for sale section.
  5. what pre work are you using?

    my gym sells mesomorph for like 40 bucks, jacked for 30, and a whole lot of other supps for just plain old cheap as chips. go and facebook derrimut 24:7 or Protein 24:7. think they have an ebay store also. oh, and i take jacked pre workout which seems works a treat (only on the days im feeling flat and not pumped for training) imo, best way to take it is to just scoop it straight into your mouth and wash it down with some water.
  6. im really a house guy, but just getting into it so far i have: omarion, icebox rihanna jayz, umbrella ciara, promise chingy, dem jeans and a few others. BUT I NEED MORE!!!! thanks in advance for your help.
  7. s14 cruize?

    ill try come along... once things are final, can somebody pm me, cheers...
  8. hey peeps, just wandering if its a bad idea to train my chest in the gym, and then about 3hours later go to kick boxing training, and do a shit load of push ups?? ive done it twice now, and my muscles are super tender for the next 2-3 days. just not sure if its a good or bad thing.....
  9. im after s14a: headlights parkers guards and a bonnet. do you have these parts in stock? pm me a price...
  10. Training Tips

    some good tips rite there #6 would have to be my fav

    if you seriusly want pics, ill put some up. thing is, they ARE ugly, and i want to get rid of them, not show them off think the reason for them is, from being 65kg skinny azn kid i was for the past say 8 years, to the 72 i now am after 8-9 months training, maybe my body aint happy with the changes.

    been traing my ass off for the up and coming summer, and have noticed a heap of stretch marks on my bi's, where my pec's meets my front delt, and where my rear delts meets my lats and there all red and purple'ish too. just wandering what i can do to prevent them, or even better get rid of them......

    ahahaha, yeah i did 150 bucks i told the guy that it'll look rank if he just wacked it on without rims and stuff, but hey, he didnt listen. few of my mates have seen him around also. seriously jontaaay, id soo rather have a standard looking one these days. oh, and thanks for all the nice comments people, i lurve my car

    mine pritty much a white example of bomex2jza's with a few differences here and there...
  15. just a random pic of what im packing will be getting "proper" pics shortly....