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  1. I've got a Legacy TT that needs some work; leaky head gasket, but if I'm going to pull the engine all the way out I might as well fiddle around with the insides. Know a mechanic in Canberra that has some experience with these? I'm actually having trouble finding a decent mechanic down here. evcricket
  2. Legacy GT-B re-furbishment

    Yeah fair call mate. I'm on it, just looking for a mechanic in Canberra who won't find an EJ20TT too confronting.
  3. Hi Everybody! I've recently purchased a 1998 Legacy GT-B wagon, almost identical to this one: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:GTB-Limited.JPG I loved this car when it was released (4 cyl TT 2L, in a WAGON! Genius!) and want to own this one for a while. I've got a long story about corruption and Vic Roads and registration, but I'll come back to it in a separate post. It's 14 years old and has 115k on the clock, so it needs some work to restore the former glory first. I'm replacing the suspension bushings with neoprene, and the old Bilsteins have already been replaced. Next I want to do some work to the brakes; the front discs are warped so I think I might upgrade. WE mostly use it as a road-trip car so I think I'll over spec them for the hard downhill run to the coast. Then I think I'll replace most of the exhaust with stainless because the steel has some holes in it and I think the system could use some work. It's got a "tiny" head-gasket leak, which I'm a bit worried about, but seems manageable with a bit of letting the engine warm up before I thrash it. Head gaskets are a pain to repair on horizontally opposed engines, so I'm considering my options there. I want to build an engine one day, so I might start building a short block for this engine, get it perfect, then pay a man to replace the headgasket and stitch in the new bottom end. That's probably twelve months off but there's some discussion to be had there. I'll also replace the stereo soon, but for "road-trip" quality rather than "show". I just want to hear the music while I am driving; is that too much to ask? Separtely, I'm a mechanical engineer and industrial energy use specialist. So I'm going to do heaps of maths on this car and pay other people to work on it. Evan