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  1. ive got 2 sets of bride rails, but i wanna swap the actual rail out with each other... does anyone know how to slide the rails out?

    Havnt posted in ages now... heres my old car that i wrote off.. and heres the new car, pretty stock at the moment -leo
  3. Custom FMIC piping in-bay

    Donny how much for your kit? and straight bolt ons for s15? -leo
  4. Price : $11,500 Condition : Used Selling off my wrecked evo 6, as whole only at the moment not parting out as yet. As you can see left side damage to the car, engine is fine still runs, suspension both passenger front and rear have been pushed and twisted, coilovers not sure what state they are in at the moment. List on car Engine: Tomei genesis 2.2lt, fully built by tomei, have the document papers (note rocket covers been changed due to it being street car) (Headers are standard and have been port polished, has a MFS turbo still brand new) Tomei ecu, with greddy piggy back Cusco Front sway bar Cusco X underneath bar Cusco rear strut bar Cusco front strut bar Tien coilovers, fully adjustable Fujitsubo muffler Greddy Bov (plum back) Cusco oil catch can Topstage Airbox cover Topstage rear carbon spoiler blade standard wastegate Any other parts i remember ill update, car was pulling 200kw at 17psi, was good for 260-280kw round 26psi and can go over 300kw with this set up, didnt end up finished the tune due to accident. Interior has few parts need TLC on door trims, recaros bit worn on driver side Any questions lemmie know, not parting out the car as yet wanting to sell as a whole... looking for $11,500ono ADDED PHOTO WITH TOMEI ROCKET COVER WHICH WAS OLD TURBO SETUP THATS NOT ON THE CAR Thanks Leo
  5. Fibreglassing in melbourne

    Topstage in clayton www.topstage.com

    Haha havnt posted in awhile... Pretty much just sold the DC2R and the new car =)
  7. $8 ADULT village movie tickets!

    lol my mum told me bout this other day.. says some lady can give em out at her work haha
  8. who can Draw?

    460 XC, none of your pictures loaded when i enlarged em =/ are you able to draw a black dc2r aud model (circle headlights) red recaros, charcole stock wheels? i'll post pic =) have it posing XD thanks leo
  9. need stock exhaust

    got a stock ca s13 exhaust for sale
  10. i had a hole in my battery tray for cooler piping.. i had a slightly small battery and had it secured bit away from hole.. passed without having to get an engineers cert
  11. NWS - AUTOSALON 08

    dam wish i went.. was going to go on sunday but didnt > link didnt work either
  12. I finally got my car registered

    least some goods be coming out of this..i better get a extinguisher for my car lol.. current ones expired hehe
  13. Footscrazy

    lol was gonna say they should it even higher again

    haha yeh both awesome cars lol.. just gotta get used to fwd and a heavy duty clutch > lol yup.. buy my car =P
  15. Loving this weather!

    its mass windy in the city, i hate really hot weather too >