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  1. Scott has pretty much covered everything. When we put an RB20DET in my S13 everything was pretty much a straight swap, R32 engine and gearbox crossmembers both bolted straight in. S13 driveshaft also bolted straight up to the gearbox. No massaging of the tunnel required, shifter position is normal as well. Assuming you buy all the correct parts it would probably cost a few hundred in labour to pay someone to do it. Factor in a few hundred more just in case they run into trouble or something doesn't quite fit. So probably $1.5k - $2k all up I would guestimate.
  2. rb20 r32 loom to rb26 ecu

    RB26 has two o2 sensors and two water temp sensors, all you need to do is split the single wire you have into the two inputs for them in the ECU. You also need to swap Injectors 4 & 6 wires and that is about it. Unless you already have a Power FC however it is probably best to just go nistune as everyone suggests.
  3. I'm running a BM50 and R33 brakes front and rear in my S13. I did a fair bit of research and I'm quite sure that the BM50s are all the same, some have an extra port for ABS however so you will need one with or without ABS ports to suite your car. I believe the only thing you may have to do is to get brake lines custom made to be the right length otherwise everything is a fairly straight swap.

    I'll be in Japan for two weeks in January, I emailed PV and they said that most tracks would be closed due to snow and that there wouldn't be any PV staff around. Any suggestions on where to go to check out the action? I speak a bit of Japanese so anywhere is fine.
  5. I'm trying to figure out EXACTLY what bits I need in order to do this conversion before I start pulling things apart. According to this forum post the rears seem to bolt up with any old 5stud hub but the fronts need a bit of fiddling. The things that I know I need for the conversion are: 5stud hubs (duh!) Disks and Calipers (only front need to be changed but may as well change the lot) Brake Master Cylinder to match new brakes. What I want to know is what has to be used in the way of lower control arms and uprights in the front? If I were to just buy R33 GTS-T 5stud hubs with brakes and LCA's etc. will it just bolt in? Do they have to be some sort of S13/S14/S15 LCA's to bolt in like the thread I linked suggests? Buying R33 brakes and hubs seems to be the cheapest option compared to S14/S15 hubs and brakes Any help and/or tips would be greatly appreciated!