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  1. I've got this, non anti surge tho, still haven't put it on yet, hopefully tomorrow.
  2. Yeah I tried quickly looking for it
  3. eBay has knock offs, wouldn't have any idea who to see in Newcastle who won't rip me off!
  4. Slightly off topic, I need a fuel rail for my ID1000's to suit my s15 sr20. What do you guys recommend and where to get it from? Cheers, Lloyd.
  5. I've got a td06sl2- 60-1, id1000cc injectors, greddy fuel rail, sard fpr, crower 264 cams waiting to go in this week on my s15, won't be tuned for a couple of weeks though.
  6. Can a dump pipe be purchased or are they a custom job?
  7. What's a better exhaust housing to dump pipe fitment? V-band or a bolt setup? Going high mount with a TD06SL- 20g 8cm ewg
  8. mechanics in newcastle

    Hey guys, what tuners are good/bad in Newcastle for a s15 (null)