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  1. http://hmbe.com.au/products/speedometer-calibrator found this on hummingbird electronics. anyone used before? I am guessing it will work on the s13. might try using this on my car
  2. Hey guys. Need your help. Recently did a manual conversion on my 1996 type x. When driving I realised the speedometer is showing at least double the speed I am actually travelling. Can this be rectified? thanks. Another thing, how do I remove the beep sound that comes on whenever I put it into reverse?
  3. max rim width for stock fenders

    Nice car varvs. Love that clean look. Thanks Joe. Might go for the rolled guards option then. Can you still fit the guard liners after rolling?
  4. max rim width for stock fenders

    Thanks guys. Was thinking of 235 front and 255 rear tyres. Not really keen on rolling the guards but would like to fit widest rims possible. Varvs- you got pics of your car?
  5. Hey guys, I am wondering what is the max width I can go for a 180sx on stock guards with no mods, rolling etc. Will these rims fit nicely? Front - 17x9 +22 Rear - 17x9.5 +18 or 17x10 +18 Thanks.
  6. HDI FMIC for CA18DET

    Thanks Bling! Or does anyone have any other recommendations?
  7. HDI FMIC for CA18DET

    I've been looking for an intercooler kit for my ca18det s13 and finally managed to find this HDI kit. Anyone on here using them or any reviews? I've used hybrid intercoolers before and they were good. Not much concern about the core. My only concern with this kit is the use of a silicone 90 deg elbow connector from the core to the piping. Any risk of these collapsing under pressure? Or even the feasibility of using them there? Experts here willing to share their thoughts? Thanks.
  8. guys, need help/comments on tuning

    was thinking of going procams but afraid that it will make the car even more laggy.
  9. guys, need help/comments on tuning

    point noted. thanks bro. will look into that.
  10. guys, need help/comments on tuning

    thanks bro. was thinking whether i should go procams with solid lifters. is it too much for my setup? what do you guys think?
  11. Hey guys, Recently had my car tuned and was not very pleased with the result. Boost comes on very very late. ANd Power dropped dramatically after 6500rpm. Tuner said it was due to the valve springs. However, Tomei valve springs were installed just a few months ago. Mechanic thinks its the lifters and asked me to install solid lifters. So im very confused now. Has anyone ever experienced this before. Please let me know what you guys think about the dyno graph. Feel free to give comments. Thanks. Engine is S14 SR20DET. Blitz KKK-450R turbo kit with external wastegate. Power enterprise 850cc injectors. Tomei poncams, adj cam gears, valve springs, rocker arm stoppers, metal head gasket. Haltech E6x Ecu. Boost supposed to be 1.4bar.
  12. putting s15 lsd in an s13

    ok. thanks bro. any other difficulties faced?
  13. Hey guys, hope you can help. Situation is --> Guy selling Nismo GT Pro LSD from his S15 together with drive shafts. Question --> Will I be able to put this on my s13. LSD is in housing and comes with drive shafts So is it just bolt on? Will there be any problems with final gearing? What about ABS? i believe the s15 has ABS, my s13 does not have ABS. Thanks.