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  1. S15 Autech Rear Cross Member

    Thanks bling Part of it had hit something and concaved inwards, impact probably bent it a bit aswell
  2. Serviced my s15 autech today and the mechanic found a fault in the rear cross member on the drivers side which has made it hard to get a wheel alignment correct. Just wondering if the Spec R s15 has the same cross member or if there are any compatible options on any other s-chassis. Cheers
  3. DEFECTED: Need advice RE intake

    Takes a while from Japan, got to clear it by Saturday, ill give the police a ring in the morning see if i can get an extension Thanks mate
  4. DEFECTED: Need advice RE intake

    I tried and failed, not very handy, if worse comes to worse, i'll give it another go.
  5. So i was on my way home from work, police going other way, lights go on, quick u-turn, pulled over for what they say was just for a random breath test. Nek Minnut, 3 defects, tail lights tinted (fair enough), rear wiper not on (fair enough) and pod filter exposed, (it was really boxed with a 3-4sq inch gap, which to him was unsatisfactory.) So i've fixed up the tail lights and wiper and i went to buy a stock airbox today from a wrecker, problem is i own an s15 autech (NA:SR20de) and Spec R (sr20det) boxes don't fit apparently, and s15 autech boxes are to even bother looking for. Question 1: Does anyone have an autech s15 airbox in Sydney? Question 2: Do na s13 and s14 airboxes fit on an autech s15? Question 3: If Yes to question 2, does anyone have an NA airbox for me to purchase? Question 4: Do K&N Apollo filters fit on an NA S15?

    Easiest way to check if JDM or ADM is to look at the speedometer, if it goes to 260 its ADM, 180 its JDM, that is if there has been no modification to the cluster.
  7. Agreed, reckon someone should make a mould or whatever and make a few hundred, theyd make a killing, i'd probly buy one if they were 4-500
  8. Guess ill stick to stock bumper than haha
  9. While we are talking about kits, sorry for the thread jack, but does anyone know of anyone who fabricates or where i can get a replica aero? Defs not willing to pay 1.5k for a front bumper
  10. Maybe try get your hands on an aero bar, they look great, but maybe not 1.5k great, or maybe go just the standard front bar if you're concerned about bottoming out?
  11. When i saw the 180, i came my pants, was waiting for you guys to finally get a new project car which will put the blue turd to shame... only just though.
  12. Not a fan, appearance wise, looks like they've gayed out a 350/370, although that is only the concept, so chances are it will be quite different when it comes out. 190 hp, yeahh that's okay, but not overly impressive. If they really want to compete with the ft86, a few changes need to be made, starting with the obvious, make the bloody thing RWD, the classic 2 door sports car, up the anti on the power, much of the complaints about it are its lack of power, why not have a 2 or 2.5l engine, which puts out an extra 50 or so hp on the 86, keep the design of the car simple, give it clean straight slick lines, don't go for that stupid compact look that crz's have. Shit Nissan, why don't you just start re-producing the s15, exactly how it was 15 years ago, with minimal safety features, RWD, even if you don't up the power, its still going to be 250hp if it has the JDM sr20. Even if not the s15, at least get back on the god damn horse and bring out the next S Chassis, could have spent the money which went into the Juke-R, which was all for publicity, by a new s chassis or start remaking the s15s, sure it would have created a lot more publicity than the juke! Hopefully, the coconuts at Nissan get this car right, or do something worth buying in the next few years, they're starting to become the new Honda...
  13. I would cream myself if they started producing s15's, exactly how they were produced 10 years ago :')
  14. Shit, i thought scooty puff's were in the 9 second club, guess i was wrong
  15. 120ish kws atw? But i treat it like a baby, which in turn makes me drive like granny.