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  1. Autronic

    Call Peter Tegue he is on the Autronic website. He is an absolute GENIUS when it comes to cars, mods and hist forte' is AUTRONIC I had him tune my old car and i was stoked
  2. Places for RWC

    hey guys, im in need of one SAAP. wether its a fax me ur details one of one where its more leanient im easy. Prefereably in the Ringwood area. Unless a no need to see car one. pls PM me asap thanks 4 ur help ...
  3. East Meet - 25/03/08

    Can someone PM the address?
  4. havn't heard about Petit for a while

    hey is definatly still around boys. He did one of my mates in croydon on maroondah highway near the bunnings/BP
  5. I'm looking @ geting a GTi-R jsut wondering as they are SR20det's i know the sert up is different as to s13 or s14. but i was wondering, can the same parts go in it: Power FC ? Short Shift kit (for sr20)? or do u need to specifically get gti-r parts? Any help would be appreciated. Also what are your thoughts on Gti-R's?
  6. SAFC

    I ws told that a SAFC performs better on a NA car(i.e. better results) My mat e is thinking of putting one on his Celsior (V8) what u's you think? is it worth while?
  7. My mate just bought a Toyota Celsior / Lexus LS400 with airbag suspension. Is there a fuse of something you can taske out to absolutely sack it on it's ass?
  8. Hey people, I'm just wondering if 18's would fix onto a 1990 Nissan Maxima The wheel dimensaion are 18x8 - fronts and 18x9-back The stand wheel size of a maxima is 114.3 x 5. the wheel size is 15" There also looks to be sufficent space ? Any info would be great............... thanks for the help, Georgie
  9. My mate hads got a maxima and the fuse keeps blowing on his dash Lights. They worked for a while then this started to happen. The only thing that has been done recently wasa cd player put in. We though it may have been that but it was workign after the install. about 18 hours later is stopped working? Its a 1990 Maxima, does n e one know how to fix it or what to do to try and find the problem. As it would be a prick to drive with no dash lights. ?
  10. Fake Cat

    Everyone on Nissansilvia, has stock standard road worthy cars. What is a fake cat? I is got this mate Dangerous Dave, who has a 3 " turbo back with the pipe straight through the cat. Sounds awesome, and flows quite well.
  11. get after market coil pack set up!
  12. Cams for Ca18det

    would i have 2 get a retune of th eecu or jsut a straight swap is kool?
  13. What is the Cheapest way to update cams on a CA18det. I heard something about non turbo cams? Whats the deal wth that?
  14. How much

    See thisd is my deliamma, now i know i cant sell shit at a retail price but the computer retails for at least 3 $2,800-$3,000. Its a f**king quick engine! Just want to get a feel for what people would pay 4 it if i was 2 sell it!
  15. How much

    Yes it a Ca18DET And it has costed shit loads, if i added up all the parts and 1/2'd it it may still b 2 expensive? I just want some feed back, lets just say how much would u guys buy it 4 (if u wanted it and had cash)