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Taking place 25 Feb 2012 (Single Day Event)

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Marulan T-T is the ultimate time trial experience!

An exciting way to enhance your driving techniques while enjoying an interactive challenge.

All experience levels are welcome as drivers will be grouped by lap time on the day.

Each driver will dial in their own time at the start of the day and aim to match it during each session. Consistency is the key to improving your driving skills and techniques!

There will be Advanced Driver Instructors there on the day to offer tips and advice for those looking to take their driving to the next level!

When? Saturday 25th February, 2012
Where? Marulan Driver training centre
Contact JMP Motorsport - info@jmpperformance.com.au
Price $185 per driver


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Click here to download the Marulan Time Trial Info Pack


whats the 4...1 if we accidentally slide the corners? :)
No sliding at this event sorry bud. We will be holding some Drifting events in the future but MTT is purely Time Attack
yewww bring on the sideways
so we can't compete if we have a screamer pipe from the waste gate?
gulrez Marulan has a strict 90db limit at the perimeter because of the whinging neighbours. If your screamer setup is under the limit I would assume no worries. A screamer wouldn't be under the limit unless it was muffled though.
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